Recovery / 12-Step

Dr. Andrew works with patients in recovery

Does this sound familiar?

  • I know I’ve trashed my body and I want to get healthy.
  • Even though I’ve been sober, I still crave alcohol or drugs.  Are there some supplements I can take?
  • I’m bloated and gassy, I know my digestion is off and I want to feel normal.
  • I know my liver probably seems some help.
  • I’m moody, cranky, anxious, depressed; can I fix this without taking prescription drugs?
  • My brain hasn’t been right since that one time I did [fill in the blank].
  • I am eating a ton.  I seem to crave junk food a lot, especially sugar and fat and things I know aren’t good for me.

Dr. Andrew explains: “There are different types of addictions – some are chemical, some are process.  They both need nutritional help.  Alcoholics often have functional hypoglycemia.  They need alcohol-free remedies and nutrition to support their recovery, and often, they need brain balancing to balance their biochemistry.

“Almost all patients in recovery have abused their body.  Some did so for many years.  They almost all need some kind of digestive and liver support, and often hormonal / brain support (thyroid, adrenal, brain-functioning-optimization).  They often have a lot of mental and emotional stress they’re carrying in their bodies that we’ll do emotional releasing around (stress triggers, etc).  Often, the client relationship starts with 3-4 sessions, and some will choose to come every 1-4 weeks for ongoing treatment.”

During the initial intake, Dr. Andrew will do a full exam to hear about your symptoms, looking for patterns and contributing factors to dis-ease in the body and determining which modalities will be most useful in treating you.   All disease is treated physically, biochemically, mentally, and emotionally—your body will tell us what it needs—so that you can start feeling better, ideally within one or two visits.

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What will my first visit be like?
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First-time patients typically have questions about what to bring to the appointment, how long is the first appointment, etc.

  • The first appointment is typically 60-75 minutes.  We’ll book an hour.
  • If you’ve recently had blood work, x-rays or notes from other doctors, please bring that with you.
  • Please bring either a list of all supplements and prescriptions you’re taking, or you can bring the bottles with you.
  • If you have a list of things you’d like to go over, please bring it with you (Dr. Andrew will do a complete intake with you regardless).
  • Book your appointment with our scheduler, and Sherri, Dr Andrew’s office manager, will be in touch with you to confirm your appointment and make sure your questions are answered.

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Thank you.