Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get well?

My goal is for you to get better as fast as possible.  In natural medicine, a conservative estimate is this:

  • For every year you’ve had a problem, it will take a month to get well
  • For every month you’ve had a problem, it will take a week to get well
  • For every week you’ve had a problem, it will take at least a day to get well

How much do your visits cost?
$200 for a 50-minute appointment, $100 for a 25-minute appointment.

Initial visits last approximately 75 minutes, and that is also only $200.

If you wish to have a 30-minute appointment,
type that in the “notes” section when you schedule your appointment online.

Do you take insurance?  How do I pay for my appointments?
Dr. Colyer has completely “opted-out” of the insurance payer system, which includes Medicare.
Accepted forms of payment include cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Square, and PayPal.

How do I schedule an appointment?
Please click this link and use our fast and easy online appointment scheduler.

I have some questions I would like to have answered before I schedule an appointment.
Please email your questions to:  drhealthymusic [at] gmail [dot] com

How do I reach Dr. Andrew between appointments?
If you have a health-related or muscle testing question, please schedule an appointment online.
With Dr. Andrew’s busy schedule, his practice is not set up for email, texting, or returning phone calls between appointments.
If you are having a medical emergency, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

I just have a quick question I would like to have muscle tested.  Can Dr. Andrew muscle test for me?
Dr. Andrew has a saying – “Questions are like mosquitoes.  They tend to multiply.”  Most people think that “their question” is going to be quick and easy.  Accurate and consistent muscle testing is an art form.   Often there is context needed around what is being tested, to get the best answer for you, and it’s not just as simple as a “yes” or “no” answer.  The most important question to ask is, “what is the right question to ask”?  This takes time.  Which is why we recommend that you schedule an appointment online.


I think I need to do a detox.  Does Dr. Andrew help with those kinds of things?

Yes, Dr. Andrew helps patients with detoxification.  The biggest problem that Dr. Andrew sees in the marketplace is that people are doing detoxification programs without clinical supervision.

  • How do you know what kind of detox program you need?
  • How do you know what time of year you should do it?
  • How long should you do your individual detox program?
  • How gentle or intense should your specific program be?
  • Do your organs of elimination need to be supported and strengthened first, so that they are actually able to tolerate the detox program?

These are all questions that Dr. Andrew will figure out with you, so that you can have the best results possible.


If you have any further questions that aren’t answered here or elsewhere on this website, please ask your question or leave a comment below.  Thank you.