Do you have some kind of physical pain, health issue, or emotional stress?  Then you’ve come to the right place!

You might be an equestrian, dancer, athlete, “Achiever” (business owner or corporate executive), or mid-life person who just wants to feel better, and have more energy.

You probably want to get well as fast as possible, and don’t want to have to go see a regular chiropractor or medical doctor.
Most people come into Dr. Colyer’s office because they are in pain of some sort – and as a wholistic chiropractor with a large skill set,
he is trained in many integrative health and functional medical practices that can help you.

Dr. Andrew Colyer is more concerned than just “patching-up” your pain or health problem until you come back for more relief; he wants to know the underlying cause of your pain or health condition.
His job as a “Diagnostic Specialist” is to accurately assess all of the factors that are contributing to whatever you have going on with your particular health condition.
He has a wide range of holistic skill sets to help you – and if he does not have a solution, he has a network of colleagues to connect you to someone who does.

If you wish to learn more about Dr. Colyer, you can check out his About page.