Dr. Colyer’s Approach to Business Consulting

I’ve been in business for myself since I was 9 years old.  I have a wide range of business experience, from one that lost money, to a seven-figure integrative medicine clinic, and everything in between.  I’m still in business today, with multiple streams of active and passive income.

Executives from companies I’ve worked with include IBM, John Deere, CVS, Gold Electronics Corporation (they make the circuit boards for the iPhone), and Revlon.  My international client list includes people from Ireland, England, Germany, Romania, India, Singapore, Korea, Japan, and Australia.

I believe that within you are most of the answers to whatever your business problems and challenges are.  We just have to do the homework to “diagnose” what you need and what action steps need to be taken to move you in the direction of positive growth for you and your business.

One of the things I’ve specialized in over the years is helping business owners and corporate executives move past mental and emotional “blocks” in their careers.  It doesn’t matter if you own your own business or work for someone else, chances are I can help you.

Whatever business you are in, if you are feeling overwhelmed and out of control with your “To-Do List”, or feel that your staff is horribly inefficient, be sure to check out our “Get M.O.R.E.” Productivity Training (see below).

If you are a business owner or executive who wants to have more focus, a calmer mind, and a leg up on your competition, check out our Business & Executive Performance services (see below).

If you are an integrative health care practitioner who would like help growing your practice to the vision that you want (not what the typical practice management gurus tell you that you have to do), then please visit our Health Care Practitioner Consulting (see below) information.


“Get M.O.R.E.” Productivity Training

How Would You Like To . . .

  • Maximize Your Time

  • Organize Your Physical Space

  • Reduce Your Stress

  • Energize Your Mind


You’ve come to the right place!

With Dr. Colyer’s “Get M.O.R.E.’” Boot Camp,
both you and your staff
will get more time,
be more productive, and less stressed.

You and your staff will gain habits that will last a lifetime.  Guaranteed.

Graduates of our “Get MORE” Boot Camp typically:

  • Become significantly more organized (no more piles of stuff everywhere)
  • Have 100% Follow-through (no more stuff slipping through the cracks)
  • Report a huge stress reduction (greater health for everyone)
  • Free up two to three hours every day (that’s at least 10 hours per week!)

How does the Boot Camp work?
We come into your office/work environment and evaluate the flow of “stuff”
in your life.  We help you get organized.  We personally train you on the
best methods and tools for efficiency.  We then help you build a
custom-fit, long term personal system.

What are the results of the Boot Camp?
Our clients become more efficient, usually resulting in 10-20% less
work hours.  They become more organized.  They drop a lot of stress
from their life.  They become more profitable.

How long do the results last?
Most clients experience a permanent, positive change.  Because we
always provide 21 days of personal follow-up and accountability, what
you learn sticks with you for the long haul.

Get Organized.

Get Efficient.

Get More Done.


Health Care Practitioner Consulting

Life Experience: I grew up in a medical family.  Growing up, and in school, I worked in various hospitals and surgery centers, and spent hundreds of hours in different health practitioner offices.  I’ve had a passion for Health Care business and marketing since 1991, and I’ve been in practice since 1993.

Associate Experience: I was fortunate to work for the largest chiropractic corporation in the United States, my first year out of chiropractic school.  Although my office was in the Philadelphia area, Behrman Chiropractic had over 50 clinics in 10 different states.  I really learned how to run a business with systems.

Integrative Clinic Experience: Parkland Pain & Rehab was the integrative medicine clinic I co-founded and ran for five years, from 1994 to 1999.  We had 3 medical doctors, 2 chiropractors, 2 physical therapists, acupuncture, massage, nutrition, psychotherapy, and hypnosis. It was the first multi-disciplinary clinic in the state of Missouri, near St. Louis, and it was great working with an entire team of practitioners dedicated to holistic patient care.

Cash Practice Experience: Since the end of 1999, I have had an all-cash practice, focusing on holistic health care.  I currently practice part-time in the beautiful Hudson Valley of upstate New York.

Holistic Practice Development (HPD): HPD evolved over a two-year period, as my business partner, James Maskell, and I were dialoging and strategizing about how to help holistic practitioners to grow strong, sustainable practices.  HPD launched in March of 2010, and there are (hyperlink) three ways that we help practitioners:  self-guided learning, formal training, and personalized, one-on-one coaching.

To see if we might be able to help you, click this link to get your free Holistic Practice Development Strategy Session.


Business and Executive Performance

My System for working with clients:  many business coaches and consultants work by having you get clear about what your “results, roles, and goals” are, and then they hold you accountable to get things done to make progress.

My experience has shown me that most people have subconscious or unconscious “blocks” that are holding them back, and that if it was as simple as making a list and taking some action steps, they would have done it already.  Chances are, this is happening with you, too.

When we “clear” or “release” the underlying “resistance” to you moving forward, you make progress at an extremely rapid rate.  Would you like to achieve higher performance as fast as possible with a sense of internal calm, and peace of mind?  You’ve come to the right place.

Using a combination of cutting-edge techniques and integration of sound business principles, we’ll figure out exactly what you need, and customize your program so that you can get the fastest results possible to grow yourself, your career, your business, and your income.

To see if it might be a good fit for us to work together, please fill out our Free Business Strategy Session application.


Business Testimonials

Ken McCarthy, Founder of The System Seminar says, “Andrew is a genius and I don’t use that term lightly.  His diagnostic ability is so good, at first it seems psychic, but there’s a science behind his methods.  And the results that his protocols get are nothing short of amazing:  fast, thorough and lasting.  He is an encyclopedia of health and Internet Marketing.”


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